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  1. How can I reprint my label or get the status of my order?
    • Your order confirmation will include an order number and the email address you used during checkout. From the top of our homepage click “Order Status” and enter the order number and email address for a real-time status and the option to reprint your shipping label.
    • To check the shipping status access and enter the Delivery Tracking number provided with your shipping label.
  2. Do you buy books older than 40 years or collectible books?
    • Not at this time
  3. Will you buy more than one copy of a book?
    • We do limit the number of copies that we will buy for some of our titles based on demand.
  4. How long do I have to ship my books?
    • Books need to be shipped within 7 days of receiving your quote. If the books are shipped after 7 days the quote price as of the day the books were shipped will be used.